image of a double vinyl record, that is seafoam blue, coming out of the sleeve on the right of the album cover on the left of Tinashe's 333 album. Tinashe sits inside of a grey circle with green streaks. she has long dark hair and a third eye in the center of her forehead. the top left features the grey 333 logo.

333 Blue Seafoam Wave 2XLP

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333, the 5th studio album from American singer Tinashe, is available on exclusive Blue Seafoam Wave vinyl (Limited to 2000 copies). 

333 is an allusion to the "angel number" associated with protection, love and destiny. Tinashe notes, "I named it 333 because I really felt like I was on the right path, in alignment with what I was meant to do. I just wanted to acknowledge that."

LP 1 / Side A
1. Let Go
2. I Can See The Future
3. X

LP 1 / Side B
1. Bouncin'
2. Unconditional
3. Angels
4. 333

LP 2 / Side C
1. Undo (Back To My Heart)
2. Let Me Down Slowly
3. Last Call
4. The Chase

LP 2 / Side D
1. Pasadena
2. Small Reminders
3. Bouncin' Pt. 2
4. It's A Wrap


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